Andy Bellefleur, Lettie Mae, Maxine Fortenberry, and Jessica Hamby
s1 René Lenier aka Drew Marshall, Mack Rattray, Amy Burley, and Liam
s2 Luke McDonald, Steve Newlin, Maryann Forester, Benedict Talley aka Eggs, Hugo, Daphne Landry, and probably Stan (foreshadowing a future storyline)
s3 Franklin Mott, Russell Edgington, Alcide Herveaux, Felton, Joe Lee Mickens, Kitch Maynard, and Sam Merlotte

Bill’s Psyche

s1 Liam (id), Diane (ego),and Malcolm (superego)
s3 Supersize (id), Russell Edgington (ego), and Lorena Krisiki (superego)


Tara Thornton, Lafayette Reynolds, Arlene Fowler, and Hoyt Fortenberry
s1 Jason Stackhouse (in storyline with Amy), Maudette Pickens
s2 Sarah Newlin, Barry, and Sam Merlotte (in storyline with Daphne)
s3 Crystal Norris, Debbie Pelt, Destiny/Camilla/Ann, Talbot, and possibly Melinda Mickens


Jason Stackhouse, Terry Bellefleur, and Bud Dearborn
s1 Eddie Gauthier aka Eddie Fournier, Sam Merlotte
s2 Sam Merlotte, Isabel
s3 Jesus, Tommy Mickens, Cooter, Ruby Jean Reynolds, and Calvin Norris

Wild Cards

Hadley Hale

Offspring Doppelganger Triads

Lisa, Coby, and Rene’s Little Critter
Jessica Hamby, Hoyt Fortenberry, and Tommy Mickens
Pam Swynford de Beaufort, Lafayette Reynolds (Eric’s future child), and Pam’s future child

Doppelganger Seers (Fraudulent and Authentic)

Ms. Jeanette aka Nancy Lavoir, Maryann Forester, and Holly Cleary

Puppet Master Doppelgangers

Sophie Anne, Maryann Forester, and Russell Edginton

Elder Doppelganger Sets

Godric and Lettie Mae Thornton

Claudine and Ruby Jean Reynolds

Lorena Krisiki and Adele Stackhouse